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Notary Services

Bill of Sale

A bill of sale is a document that transfers the title or ownership of an asset from the seller (owner) to a buyer. Although a bill of sale can be used for any type of asset transfer, notaries public frequently see this document used for the sale of an automobile. In this case, the seller of the automobile provides a bill of sale to the buyer to document the buyer’s lawful ownership of the vehicle.

This type of documentation is helpful to a buyer during the interim period prior to the time that the official vehicle title with the new owner’s name is issued by the state.

A bill of sale may be prepared by the seller or an attorney. Notaries public cannot offer legal advice or create documents for clients; therefore, clients who desire a notarized bill of sale should have the document in hand before visiting a notary. There are several websites that describe the construction of a bill of sale. Use Google to search for the phrase “form bill of sale” and you will find several helpful sites where you can learn more.

Children: Permissions and Traveling

Many people provide notarized statements to the adults in charge when their children travel with grandparents, friends, school authorities, or step-parents. A statement of this type provides a degree of proof that the child’s legal guardians have given temporary possession of the child to an adult who is not his or her parent or legal guardian. Often, the statements also give the adults in charge permission to allow medical care for the child. Notaries cannot provide the words for permission statements of this type.

The legal guardians of the child may consult an attorney or simply use their own words to draft a statement of permission and authority given to the other adult. If there is more than one parent in the child’s life, both parents may want to provide notarized statements. The parents or legal guardians should type the statements and take them to a notary. The notary will show them a sample of a jurat and an acknowledgment. One or both may be selected. The notary will attach the certificate(s) to the permission statements and complete the notarization.

Traveling out of the country? Notaries cannot give advice about your child traveling or leaving the country. One resource is your travel agent. Travel agents generally know the restrictions that guide minors’ travel outside of the country. If you are not using a travel agent, you should read the information on  Travel.State.gov  that relates to minors and traveling. For instance, this site states that minors, regardless of age, including newborns and infants, must have their own passport when traveling internationally by air. Your attorney may also be able to advise you on the restrictions on minors traveling outside of the U.S.

Once you have the travel documents in hand that you need notarized, call us. We will handle your situation professionally and quickly and we will come to you.


A contract is an agreement between two or more parties, especially one that is written and enforceable by law. Contracts do not necessarily require notarization. However, if both parties desire to have a contract notarized, a notary may witness the signing of the contract and perform a notarization. Both parties must appear personally before the notary and both must provide adequate documentation of their identification. If a notary certificate is not included with the document, the notary will show the parties a sample of a jurat and an acknowledgment. One or both may be selected by the parties signing the contract. The notary will attach the certificate(s) to the contract and complete the notarization.

Corporate Documents

If a corporate document is presented for notarization, the principal who signs the document must present adequate documentation of his or her personal identification at the time of the notarization.

A notary is not required to view corporate resolutions, the corporate book, or corporate documents that provide proof of the signer’s status in the corporation. No proof of corporate affiliation is required to be presented to the acting notary. The signature of the principal and his or her verbal answers to the questions asked by the notary adequately meet the notary’s requirements to proceed with the notarization.

The notary will ask the signer, “Do you acknowledge the truthfulness of the statements contained in this document?” or “Do you swear to the veracity of the statements made in the document?” The onus of truth regarding the notarization is upon the corporate principal who has sworn or acknowledged the truthfulness of his or her statements before a notary public.

Business checks, cash, or PayPal is accepted as payment. Corporate customers may inquire about credit.

We Except Charge Cards

HOA Meetings and Resolutions

Homeowners’ associations, also known as HOAs, often have need for notaries to attend their membership meetings to witness signatures and notarize documents relating to HOA assessments, resolutions, or changes in bylaws. Discounted fees on individual signatures or hourly rates for this type of notary service are available. Please call for availability and a quote. The notary fee on this type of service depends on the estimated number of signatures to be notarized, combined with the time the notary will be required to be available at the signature collection site.

Medical Affidavits

Medical treatment providers and pharmacies often need mobile notaries to visit their offices to notarize documents related to their practices or pharmaceutical inventory. Please contact us for these types of notarizations. Our base rates start at $25 within the ##### ZIP code. Doctors, medical record clerks, and pharmacists should be prepared to show government issued, picture-bearing identification documents such as passports or driver’s licenses prior to notarizations.

Speeding Ticket Affidavits

Speeding tickets usually require the services of a notary when fines are paid by mail. Mobile notaries are on the road constantly. We understand how speeding tickets happen! Therefore, we provide mobile notary services within the ##### ZIP code for a flat $25.00 fee in situations that require notarizing a speeding ticket affidavit.

The $25.00 price includes the cost of the notarization, plus travel to your home, office, or another meeting place. If you have another document to notarize at your speeding ticket affidavit appointment, we will throw that one in for free! (Please have cash available or be prepared to transfer the fee to the notary’s PayPal account prior to the notarization.)

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